Our Glasgow pest control experts founded the Pro Wasp Control Glasgow pest control service in 2012 with aims to provide local professional pest control services at competitive rates for businesses and private indviduals.

Over the following years we have invested heavily in new research, technology & training to stay at the cutting edge of developments in the industry and to ensure we provide a high standard of service.

We have grown throughout the years to provide a full pest control service for commercial and domestic clients & work for some big brand name companies.

Whether its wasps in your loft, rats in the kitchen or birds on the roof we can cover a professional pest control contract for your business today.


As a busy restaurant owner keeping on top of health and safety can be time consuming especially when your running a busy business. We have a contract with Pro Wasp Control Glasgow for pest prevention services and have had a great experience so far. The technician always arrives soon after we call, goes the extra mile and better still Pro Wasp Control Glasgow contract is significantly better value for money as compared to our previous contractor.

Restauranteur Rutherglen

We had a wasps nest in our house loft which was treated by Pro Wasp Control Glasgow. Their technician arrived within hours of our phone call. He was very professional and knowledgeable and put my mind at ease with regards to safety right away. He completely removed the nest within an hour of arriving. In future if I ever have a wasps nest in the house I know who I’ll be calling.

Householder Newton Mearns

We had a wasps nest in one of our garden sheds. We called Pro Wasp Control Glasgow who quoted us an extremely attractive price for removal. The technician arrived at exactly the time he said he would arrive not leaving us waiting and did the job professionally and was polite and courteous throughout…

Stewart Clarkston

I recently discovered a mouse infestation in my kitchen. I called Pro Wasp Control Glasgow. The technician arrived within hours of my first call. He checked the entire house and confirmed that they were field mice and most likely had come from outdoors. I was quoted an extremely reasonable price and decided to have the work done. My cupboards were cleaned and disinfected of all mouse droppings. The technician also identified and sealed various entry points with cement and began to treat the problem as well. He kept me informed throughout the entire work, was extremely friendly and put my mind at ease as well. I am thoroughly impressed with the service.

Myra Ballornock

I’m currently unemployed and on a low income. We had a wasps nest in our house loft. We called Pro Wasp Control Glasgow who treated the nest and sealed the entry points at extremely competitive prices. The technician was very friendly and helpful and met all my expectations.

Leslie Busby

We had mice in one of our cupboards. We called Pro Wasp Control Glasgow. Their technician arrived at the exact time given. He found multiple entry points in the cupboard, sealed each one, disinfected the area of rodent droppings and gave us all the information we needed to to make sure the problem doesn’ t occur again. I would definitely recommend Pro Wasp Control Glasgow to anyone with pest control problems-these guys are friendly and mega-helpful.

Gilles Glasgow

I’ve been working in a stage furniture warehouse for over a year now and since the day I began we have always had rat problem. It was so severe that we would have day time sightings, gnawed furniture and rat droppings all over the premises. We called Pro Wasp Control Glasgow and they have completely eradicated the problem-there’s not a rat in sight. I would definetly recommend Pro Wasp Control Glasgow to anyone with any type of rodent problem-these guys get the job done!

Mr Khan Hillington

How We Remove Pests

There are a variety of ways in which you can control wildlife such as birds and rodents as well insect pests in your grounds or premises.

In order to do it correctly you need a trained technician to carry out an analysis of the site and provide you with the required recommendations which will fit your business or domestic requirements.

What Types Of Pest Control Do We Offer?

  • The use of restricted poisons
  • Elimination of breeding grounds for specific pests
  • Egg Sterilization
  • Proofing
  • Shooting
  • Trapping
  • Implementing a variety of pesticide treatments
  • Space fumigation & treatments
  • Infested item treatment
  • Habitat management
  • Repellents